Why Saying No Might Be The Most Freeing Thing You Do

When I first began in youth ministry, I found myself taking on every project and every activity. As a youth pastor, it felt like it was necessary. Many individuals in youth ministry, or ministry in general, find themselves taking on a large amount of work because they feel like they need to justify their jobs. […]

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Woman…Actually Any Woman

this message is for women, please be better at encouraging and lifting each other up. Don’t look for the flaws in each other in order to make yourselves feel better. Support each other.

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Money Matters

Your money matters to God, not because He doesn’t want you to have things, but because He doesn’t want your things to have you.

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Balancing Life With Life

Take some time today to assess your schedule. Seek God to remind you of your numbered days.

Open your heart up to wisdom, in order to follow God’s lead, and use your time well for His glory.

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3 Reasons You Might Be Missing God’s Message

You might be seeking answers, but not hearing the exact response you are waiting for…Take some time to step away, sit in silence, and listen for His prompting. His words are wonderful, when we can hear them.

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