Why Should We Care- Part 2 Politics

Those who have claimed Christ as their Savior and ultimate healer are searching for a savior in politics. They are voting for a human-being to bring balance and restoration to a broken world when they already have the Son of God.

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The World Is Dark, But We Can Shine Brighter

As many have been watching, the attack on the church in Texas has rocked the nation…again. From Orlando to Vegas to Texas, we are watching darkness aim to overtake our light. [tweetshare tweet=”The sad part about these tragedies is how quickly they become political narratives instead of narratives for unity.” username=”^M)zLemMY!u5ZU3lg5tTofaqD7l2DKda:1:1″] The two-sides want to […]

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What Happens When I Choose To Walk In Love

Nobody will ever agree on everything. However, for Christians, this is the one thing we should agree on 100%. Love should be our primary factor when choosing the words we speak or posts we share.

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