Some Relaxing Thoughts

On my Facebook page, Bobby Benavides, I asked the question, “In an age of busyness and crazy schedules, what are ways you relax?” We all have our calendars filled with important events and meetings. We have our google calendars linked to our phones in order to keep ourselves linked to our schedules. Some people even have […]

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3 Reasons to Take Your Time

Taking your time forces you to pay attention to detail.

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For A Limited Time

When you focus on what seems like a failure, you will be broken down. Yet, when you can see the beauty around you and keep looking up, your limited time is enhanced. 

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Balancing Life With Life

Take some time today to assess your schedule. Seek God to remind you of your numbered days.

Open your heart up to wisdom, in order to follow God’s lead, and use your time well for His glory.

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