Living in the Moment

Far too, often I find myself caught up in my schedule. I find myself thinking about the tasks ahead, while working on a project at the same time.

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Walking Away For The Sake of You and Others Around You

When you are speaking truth into someone’s life and they don’t want to hear it, you need to step away.

It doesn’t mean you drop them forever, nor does it mean you stop being there when they reach out. 

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The Value of Resisting Payback

David lived to honor God. When given the opportunity to take judgment into his own hands, he stepped away and allowed God to be in authority, not his emotions.

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Restoration After Devastation: You May Be Hurt, But You’re Not Broken

Christ called His followers to take on His love and quit carrying their own load. He came to bring life and longs for His creation to know the life He gives. The feeling of brokenness is bringing death, but His message of restoration brings hope.

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Farming and Faith: How Strong Are Your Roots?

We need to take proper steps to strengthen our roots. Sometimes, that will require us to step into tense situations and be pushed out of our comfort zone to become stronger in our faith.

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