A Prayer For Vegas And The World

We seek you in this time of despair and tragedy.

Our world is groaning and longing for healing.

We sit and wait as lives are lost and hearts are broken, waiting for You to return.

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Breaking Down Barriers

When we take time to restore broken relationships, or at least do our part in putting things right, it breaks down the potential barrier towards the Church.

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Freedom and Happiness

We can all be captive in some way, but the only way we can be free is through the everlasting joy found in Jesus.

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The pain of separation can be grafted together by reaching for the ultimate healer.

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Resting In Life Through Death

You have been made clean by the blood of Jesus. His life and death brought freedom to the world.

Through the life and death of Jesus, you have received the ability to rest in this life from the burden of your mistakes.

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Restoration After Devastation: You May Be Hurt, But You’re Not Broken

Christ called His followers to take on His love and quit carrying their own load. He came to bring life and longs for His creation to know the life He gives. The feeling of brokenness is bringing death, but His message of restoration brings hope.

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Know Your Enemy

Nehemiah had a great work God had called him to do. In fact, we all do. We are all called by God to reveal His glory to the world through our love, service, and sharing His message of good news in Jesus.

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Sadness, Fear, Tears, Hope, Love, And Reconciliation

May we remember our actions are teaching our children. May we remember our words will stick in the minds of children. May we remember that we have a responsibility of teaching our kids how to live together in peace and unity. May they begin to see our examples in action today.

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