A Prayer For Vegas And The World

We seek you in this time of despair and tragedy.

Our world is groaning and longing for healing.

We sit and wait as lives are lost and hearts are broken, waiting for You to return.

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Breaking Down Barriers

When we take time to restore broken relationships, or at least do our part in putting things right, it breaks down the potential barrier towards the Church.

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Being Intentional About Loving The Least

The disciples were expected to ask questions and step into the lives of the least and lost, on purpose!

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Risk and Reward

By the grace of God I have been lifted up out of my spiritual death. I have learned from my mistakes and the hurt I held on to. Through all of that I have grown to know, God will shine through the mess.

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4 Reasons To Speak Kindly Of Your Enemies

If we claim to be a follower of Christ, there is very clear direction on how we should respond and recognize our enemies.

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Hope (Spoken Word poem from Easter)

Hope is found today because Christ’s selfless act was given to redeem the SELFISH acts of creation.


Hope is given even when we yelled crucify and we decided He should die…for nothing.

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The Tension Of Living in Pain, Yet Living In Peace

The pain of the world is real. The struggles of life will come and they will hit hard. In fact, they might tear you down emotionally and physically…”But take heart; (Christ has) overcome the world”!

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Resting In Life Through Death

You have been made clean by the blood of Jesus. His life and death brought freedom to the world.

Through the life and death of Jesus, you have received the ability to rest in this life from the burden of your mistakes.

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