Why Should We Care- Part 2 Politics

Those who have claimed Christ as their Savior and ultimate healer are searching for a savior in politics. They are voting for a human-being to bring balance and restoration to a broken world when they already have the Son of God.

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3 Uncomfortable Topics That Should Be Spoken About From The Pulpit

we will share posts on social media addressing the issue, we will complain to our friends via text, but we feel like the pulpit should refrain from being a place money, politics, or racism should be addressed.

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5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Today

I enjoy sharing good things with people and hearing about good things from others

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3 Ways to Maintain Friendships When We Disagree

It’s alright for us to disagree. We just need to do it with love, peace, and humility in mind.

Our relationships are more important than being right (I had a pastor friend share that once), so let us try to honor each other through the message of Jesus.

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