Dealing with Doubt

Have you ever felt like you were inadequate? Have you ever looked in the mirror and questioned whether or not you are truly doing what you are supposed to be doing? Self doubt is natural, mainly because it is a broken part of yourself that hinders you from experiencing the fullness of your potential. The … Continue reading Dealing with Doubt

Living in the Moment

Far too, often I find myself caught up in my schedule. I find myself thinking about the tasks ahead, while working on a project at the same time. I noticed this the other day with my son. We were playing a game of toss. He has always had a pretty strong throwing arm, but he … Continue reading Living in the Moment

4 Ways The Church Can Be More Effective In Addressing Addiction

Addiction is a heavy topic. This is not going to cure it by any means, but it can assist with creating a healthy dialogue around serving the needs of addicts. There are children being hurt. Unborn children are being affected. Our hearts should break as the creation is broken in such a horrible way.