Why Saying No Might Be The Most Freeing Thing You Do

When I first began in youth ministry, I found myself taking on every project and every activity. As a youth pastor, it felt like it was necessary. Many individuals in youth ministry, or ministry in general, find themselves taking on a large amount of work because they feel like they need to justify their jobs. […]

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Fighting For Space

For many of us, we have our schedule packed full. We have our lives so stuffed with bags and we keep trying to find ways to fit one more thing in the compartment. We are overloaded, but we think we can add more.

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Freedom and Happiness

We can all be captive in some way, but the only way we can be free is through the everlasting joy found in Jesus.

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Resting In Life Through Death

You have been made clean by the blood of Jesus. His life and death brought freedom to the world.

Through the life and death of Jesus, you have received the ability to rest in this life from the burden of your mistakes.

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Lent and Liberty

Giving something up is a way for a person to remember the sacrifice and anguish Christ went through prior to the resurrection. It may be a significantly smaller sacrifice, but it is still a sacrifice nonetheless.

Sacrificing something leads us to something greater than ourselves, which is far more important than doing an endurance challenge for 40 days.

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The Lord of the Sabbath

Religious laws are important, but if they become a hindrance to the mission of Jesus,then we need to let them go.

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4 things we learn about the truth from the Truth

Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me”. If we are listening to Christ’s words, then we will live in freedom, we live to challenge the status quo, we will live consistent with His words, and we will live standing on His words without feeling the need to defend ourselves for serving, loving, and caring for humanity.

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