The Lord of the Sabbath

Religious laws are important, but if they become a hindrance to the mission of Jesus,then we need to let them go.

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Restoration After Devastation: You May Be Hurt, But You’re Not Broken

Christ called His followers to take on His love and quit carrying their own load. He came to bring life and longs for His creation to know the life He gives. The feeling of brokenness is bringing death, but His message of restoration brings hope.

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Farming and Faith: How Strong Are Your Roots?

We need to take proper steps to strengthen our roots. Sometimes, that will require us to step into tense situations and be pushed out of our comfort zone to become stronger in our faith.

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Finding God in an Award Ceremony

He placed the desire to create in us. That desire moves us to make inspiring pieces of art that influences the lives of others.

Since our God is a creator and has made us as creators, then we have a natural sensation to celebrate our inner creator.

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Four Ways To Be An Effective Christian Business Owner

We should love our neighbors, our staff and customers are included in that. We should love our work so much that we stress a system of values. We should love our staff so much that they know they are valued and empowered to own the work.

Love should be the motive in everything that we do.

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3 Ways to Maintain Friendships When We Disagree

It’s alright for us to disagree. We just need to do it with love, peace, and humility in mind.

Our relationships are more important than being right (I had a pastor friend share that once), so let us try to honor each other through the message of Jesus.

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4 things we learn about the truth from the Truth

Jesus said, “Everyone on the side of truth listens to me”. If we are listening to Christ’s words, then we will live in freedom, we live to challenge the status quo, we will live consistent with His words, and we will live standing on His words without feeling the need to defend ourselves for serving, loving, and caring for humanity.

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What Happens When I Choose To Walk In Love

Nobody will ever agree on everything. However, for Christians, this is the one thing we should agree on 100%. Love should be our primary factor when choosing the words we speak or posts we share.

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Know Your Enemy

Nehemiah had a great work God had called him to do. In fact, we all do. We are all called by God to reveal His glory to the world through our love, service, and sharing His message of good news in Jesus.

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Passion is much more than a time to worship and learning, but a time to experience God’s message of hope and restoration. It is also a time to be a part of God’s work all over the world and serve people for the glory of Jesus.

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