5 Things To Do Right Now To Improve Your Spiritual Health

If your spiritual health is weak, then you cannot expect your relationship with God to be strong.

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4 Reasons To Speak Kindly Of Your Enemies

If we claim to be a follower of Christ, there is very clear direction on how we should respond and recognize our enemies.

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Hope (Spoken Word poem from Easter)

Hope is found today because Christ’s selfless act was given to redeem the SELFISH acts of creation.


Hope is given even when we yelled crucify and we decided He should die…for nothing.

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Dear Son-4 years later

I tell you every night that you are going to do great things someday. You have asked me what that means, so I am going to break that down for you now…You will care for those who are uncared for.

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Passion is a movement that brings college students together to worship and learn more about Jesus. They are built upon the verse found in Isaiah 26:8 making the Lord’s renown and glory the desire of our soul.

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