Made For More: A Journey of Discovery and Purpose


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In his first book, Bobby Benavides, dives into the three major questions everyone asks themselves as they journey through life: Who Am I? Where Am I? What Am I? 

He takes the reader through the questions, using humor, pop culture, and scripture to draw out the focus of the book: God has made all of us for something more. We may doubt our identity due to personal history. We may question if God can use us to make a difference, when it feels like we don’t have influence. However, Bobby takes the times to show, God has a plan to use all of His creation for His glory.

He concludes the book asking the question, “Do you know the great I Am?” Recognizing that the only way we can fully answer the three major questions, is by answering the ultimate question, do we know our Creator? 

It is a quick, yet challenging book, that will, hopefully encourage and empower the reader to pursue God’s call in their life.

Here are what people are saying about MADE FOR MORE…

“Interesting read. It is often lost on people how are the different ways people can connect to their own purpose through faith. This book gives a gimpse into a beautiful story of self discovery. Well crafted. Thought provoking.”-from Amazon customer “shub”

“Inspirational with moments of humor and enthusiastic answers to some of life’s most asked questions, like “who am I?” His Zoolander references cracked me up and the examples he used from the scriptures were well chosen. Excellent, uplifting read.”-From Amazon reader: “Emily”

“Drawing on influences from movies, hip hop music, to stories from the Bible, this easy to read little book is a thoughtful introduction to the idea of purpose. It answers the questions: Who am I? Where am I? and What am I? The perspective is hopeful, and like a big brother Pastor Bobby B gives the reader some thoughtful pointers on how to begin their journey in becoming who God created them to be and accomplishing the work they were created to do, starting right where they are at.”-From Amazon customer: F. Raider


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