Living in the Moment

Far too, often I find myself caught up in my schedule. I find myself thinking about the tasks ahead, while working on a project at the same time.

I noticed this the other day with my son. We were playing a game of toss. He has always had a pretty strong throwing arm, but he has begun to catch the ball really well as of late.

I knew we had other things to accomplish in the day, and my mind started to drift towards the “to-do list”, which caused me to be distracted from the game we were playing.

I threw the ball, I got up and started the task that entered my mind at the time.

All of a sudden I hear a sad voice, “Daddy. You don’t want to play with me anymore?”

Now, granted, my son knows how to tug at the heart strings well, but this in particular time was very sincere.

I broke.

I realized that I was thinking about something that could easily wait, and I had an opportunity to make a memory with my son, which could not wait.

I had to accept the fact that although the chore I needed to complete was important, the moment I was in was more valuable and necessary to focus on.

Today, there are moments you are in, but you’re distracted by the million other activities or requirements pulling at you.

Let me encourage you step back and assess the moment you’re in. If it’s not something you will miss out on in the future or valuable then, by all means, drop it.

However, if it’s an opportunity that, if you were to leave it, you would never get it back. Then, rest in that moment!

Don’t allow your everyday tasks overtake your ability to enjoy and celebrate the once in a lifetime opportunities.

My tomorrow may never come, which means that memory of the ball catching in the living room will last forever, and the dishes being left in the sink will be forgotten.

Celebrate today. Don’t worry about tomorrow. Live in the moment.

Peace and blessings friends.

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