Rising To The Occasion- What We Can Learn From Nick Foles

The Super Bowl was last night. It was supposed to be the sixth championship for the New England Patriots and Tom Brady.

It actually seemed like it was Tom Brady against the world.

The outcome was exactly the opposite of what people expected. The Philadelphia Eagles wound up the victors in a pretty solid matchup.

The Eagles were an improbable winner. They had been the underdog throughout the postseason, primarily because of the man mentioned in the title-Nick Foles.

Carson Wentz began the season as the starting quarterback for the Eagles, until a season ending injury occurred and Nick Foles was put in to back him up.

He entered the last few games with the main intent of keeping the team afloat and moving them into the playoffs.

He wasn’t supposed to do anything of importance. In fact, people predicted the Eagles would self-destruct and Foles would buckle.

On the contrary, he rose to the occasion and drove the team to the Super Bowl, where they defeated the defending champions. He led the team to a spectacular victory over the legendary team of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick.

He was not supposed to win!

Yet, he did.


He rose to the occasion. He stepped in prepared and willing to do is best for the team. He learned his playbook. He payed attention to his coaches. He listened to his teammates.

In my opinion, the most important thing he could have done, was listen to Carson Wentz.

He could have moped on the sidelines prior to being put in the game. He could have been sad about not being the starter.

Instead, he chose to be teachable and was prepared for whatever came his way.

Foles taught the world the value of being ready.

When we aren’t in the position we want to be in, we have two choices, we can either mope and be defeated or recognize the our role and be ready for the opportunity to lead, if and when it may arise.

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You need to always be ready for the chance to lead. You never know when you’ll be called upon. You need to be teachable and prepared for the opportunity when it is offered.

There are three things that are revealed about your character when you’re prepared to be called “off the bench” so to speak.

  1. Maturity- It shows that you don’t need to e the star of the show. You recognize your role as part of something bigger than yourself. You can swallow your pride and move forward for the greater good.
  2. Integrity– You are not undermining the leadership in front of you. You are not trying to knock someone else down in order to rise up. You have honor and are honorable when you can be in the second seat and not the driver.
  3. Humility– This goes along with the first characteristic, but needs to be emphasized. You can put your pride aside for the greater good. You may be just as talented or gifted, but you can step back and allow for the other individual to be in the spotlight. It’s not about you, but the team.

Being a team player is recognizing your role and being ready to be placed in any other role when necessary.

Don’t get so caught up in the thought of yourself, that you miss the chance to lift up those ahead of you.

Always be ready for the chance to step up and demonstrate your ability, but never allow yourself to be so focused on moving up, that it hinders your ability to follow well.

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Peace and blessings friends.


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