The World Is Dark, But We Can Shine Brighter

As many have been watching, the attack on the church in Texas has rocked the nation…again. From Orlando to Vegas to Texas, we are watching darkness aim to overtake our light.

[tweetshare tweet=”The sad part about these tragedies is how quickly they become political narratives instead of narratives for unity.” username=”^M)zLemMY!u5ZU3lg5tTofaqD7l2DKda:1:1″]

The two-sides want to point fingers. They want to say how the other side is so wrong and how things need to change. They don’t realize how divisive their words are , which in turn creates a more tense and difficult conversation.

You see, the world is dark. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see how much pain is around us.

[tweetshare tweet=”The only way the darkness can be defeated is when light shines brighter.” username=”^M)zLemMY!u5ZU3lg5tTofaqD7l2DKda:1:1″]We need to address issues. Gun control may or may not be necessary, that isn’t what this post is about. What this post is about is unity.

When tragedy strikes, we need to come together. We need to reflect on lives that are lost and hold each other closer.

We need to find the common ground and connect.

When our lives are shaken and hope is lost, we need our community to lean on. Our light can grow dim when the outlook is bleak, yet when you surround yourself with a group of people unified in hope, your spirit can regain some power.

[tweetshare tweet=”If we continue to allow our political views to tear us apart, then the darkness wins, and our ability to shine is snuffed out.” username=”^M)zLemMY!u5ZU3lg5tTofaqD7l2DKda:1:1″]

May we find ways to come together in painful circumstances. May we truly pray for each other in dark times. May we look beyond political ideas, for just a moment, and see humanity, in order to come together for a common good.

Peace and blessings friends.

A Prayer

Father, we sit in a dark world waiting for you to come.

May we find ourselves resting in your arms of hope and peace today.

[tweetshare tweet=”May we see our neighbor and view them in love and joy. May we move beyond politics and focus on your kingdom. ” username=”^M)zLemMY!u5ZU3lg5tTofaqD7l2DKda:1:1″]For so many, they long for your return, yet they miss their ability to share your hope in the meantime.

Our Father is good in the midst of pain. We say this so freely, yet we don’t live like we believe it.

Let us not flee from the One who heals, but run towards you as children run to the arms of their parents.

Let us look into our neighbors eyes and see You. May we bridge gaps, instead of making larger divides.

May we be a light shining brighter, when the darkness seems to be winning.

Oh Lord, may we rest when necessary. May we act when the call comes. May we love the way you loved. May we be peacemakers in a time of chaos. May we reveal your hope in the hopeless situations.

Lord, may you be revealed through us for your glory to radiate and penetrate the hearts of the broken.


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