Three Reasons to Step Away From Social Media and One Important Reason To Come Back

I don’t know about you, but for me, I often get overwhelmed with the bleak messages on social media.

It seems like every other post is full of depressing news and causes me to struggle with hope or joy.

Yes, my eternal hope and joy is found in Jesus, but as I see the struggles of others or division in our society, I sit back wondering when He will come back and the light will overtake the darkness.

I contemplate shutting down. I dream of running off into the woods, living with my family off the grid, and being secluded from all of it.

Some of you may actually share my dream.

If so, we might be on to something.

Here are three good reasons we may need to step away from the screen, at least for a period of time:

    1. Your Sanity: You may actually find yourself consumed by what you see on social media. When your mental health begins to struggle due to anxiety, fear, hate, etc., you may need to step away from your devices. You can allow your mind to be overwhelmed by what you see and read on social media, and that is not healthy. Be wise, don’t allow yourself to be overtaken by the issues on the internet.

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  1. Your Relationships: If you’re on Facebook or twitter, you most likely have seen the reports shared on those sites sharing the influence they are having on relationships. People are losing the ability to communicate well. So many have become limited to their status updates and comments. Conversations are lacking in regards to content. If you don’t believe me, watch people in restaurants eating a meal together. When you find yourself struggling to have healthy, meaningful conversations beyond 140 characters or a limited comment on someone’s page, then you may need to step away for a little while to regain connection with people around you.
  2. Your Spiritual Growth: I know this ironic, because you most likely have read this due to the link shared on social media, but your spiritual growth could be influenced or stunted by your time checking on what is trending. The more time you check the newsfeed may actually cause you to lose time for prayer, reading scripture, serving, and loving others. If you feel like your spiritual health is depleting, you may need to step away from the “networking” sites to connect, or reconnect, with God.

These may not be the entire list of reasons why you should step away, but these are three very important reasons too consider when it comes to disconnecting from social sites.

Yet, this is the main reason you should make sure you come back…

Shine Light In The Darkness:

You see, we as followers of Jesus are not meant to be secluded. We are meant to live in community.

If you claim Christ, then you have a role to play in this world, shining light in dark times.

[tweetshare tweet=”If you claim Christ, then you have a role to play in this world, shining light in dark times.

When the world seems absorbed by pain and anger, you have the ability to provide healing and joy through your status updates and comments.

People need you to show love and hope.

The world needs Christians to step into the bad and point towards the good.

When people are anxious, Christians should direct them to peace.

[tweetshare tweet=”When people are anxious, Christians should direct them to peace.”]

How can we do that if you run from what is trending?


We can be a source of change. We can shift the narrative. We can be the difference the world needs.

The love and hope of Jesus should overtake the anger and unrest on the newsfeed.

We should be active in influencing in reshaping the stories.

May we be wise enough to know when we need to step away, but we may bold enough to come back to create change.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Have you ever taken a hiatus from social networking? What did that look like for you?


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