Walking Into Faith

Faith is a heavy word. I have been discovering what it means to walk and lean into the idea of faith, especially in the process of planting a church.

Planting a church reminds me of throwing a party in middle school. You are sharing the details with people. You’re spreading them word about the event and what will be there. You even have drinks and snacks available.

Then, the day of the party comes, you decorate and lay out the snacks. You set up the games and get the music ready. Now, you wait for the people to show up at the door to join you for the party.

That experience causes nervousness, anxiety, stress, and fear. Yet, there is a sense of excitement as you discover people actually want to party with you.

The whole idea of throwing a party is filled with faith. You don’t know what will happen. People might show up or you might end up doing the running man by yourself in the basement wondering, “How am I going to eat 5 pounds of Chex Mix by myself? Well, I’m up to the challenge.”

The writer of Hebrews shared,

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

This is the idea behind church planting, but all of our Christian life. We hope for Christ to respond. We long for the day to be present with Him. We trust God will live up to His promises and provide what is necessary for us to keep moving forward. We rest in the assurance of God’s word.

The conviction comes with our actions. Do we act on our faith or do we stand still because we don’t know what’s coming?

Imagine throwing a party, but you don’t decorate or buy food because you didn’t know who would show up?

That would be lack of conviction. That would be lack of passion or belief in your party.

We don’t know what’s coming, but our conviction pushes us forward in our faith in Jesus. He is what motivates our desire to serve, love, grow, and share His good news.

Walking in faith requires a sense of trust in what has been promised, but a conviction to push forward when we don’t see what’s coming. 

Faith is difficult, but in my opinion, one of the best pieces of our relationship with God.

Dependence on God to reveal what is coming as we get there, is what keeps us grounded in the firm foundation of Jesus.

Walking in faith keeps us humble. We don’t have full control, or any for that matter. We just step into the action and trust.

If God is leading it, then it will be what He wants it to be. We are only given the gift of living it out and watching it flourish due to His great work in and through us.

Walking in faith applies to all of our life. Whether it is planting a church, choosing a new job, deciding on a college, etc., faith is required and trust that God will be present in His promises.

May we learn to walk in faith well. May we rest in the assurance of God’s word. May we act in conviction with our faith. May we move with such abandon that people recognize our faith in Jesus is our motivation and purpose in all that we do.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: What is something you have done recently that required you to walk in faith?

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