The Orange Conference is happening right now in Atlanta, Georgia! This conference is set up for children and youth leaders to be encouraged and empowered in their ministry.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Orange, it is a philosophy of ministry to families through the Church. Reggie Joyner developed this concept of combining the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) to enhance the lives of children and youth. When these two worlds combine, the young people of the Church will flourish.

The Orange philosophy encourages small groups and is highly effective in building better family and Church connections.

The photo above came from the conference (Orange Conference), and the shirt’s phrase holds so much power!

What an awesome idea and it should be second nature for us, but unfortunately, we know all too well that there are many kids who are not in encouraging environments. In fact, we know there are way too many who live lives void of moments that make childhood memorable.

How can we be more active in the lives of children? The answer is on the shirt!

Inspire them! Inspire them to think outside the box or even inspire them to see something more than a box.

For example, my kids and I have had fun recently with a mattress box. I gave them crayons and markers and let them color the inside. A plain box became a canvas for their imagination.

My son and I have had epic sword battles over treasure and a princess, which my daughter plays so well. Inspiring my kids to do something more and encouraging them to be kids brings me joy.

The church should be a place that stimulates these same ideas!

Orange assists families and churches in their ability to inspire their children. The children God has given us to motivate and push towards their potential given by their Creator.

You want to know something really cool? There are thousands of leaders participating in the Orange Conference! Perhaps more, if you count those watching the live stream, and they will continue pouring into the lives of children and youth around the world in order to inspire them in the church environment. Hopefully, carrying the inspiration into their families.

How awesome is that!

Our church’s KidzTown coordinator is there right now too! She rocks! I can’t wait to see what God does this week for her and, I know, she she will continue to inspire every kid she meets!

Will you!

May we all think Orange. May we all see our role in inspiring kids.

Peace and blessings friends!

QUESTION: How have you inspired the kids in your life?

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