“And a woman who had a hemorrhage for twelve years, and could not be healed by anyone,  came up behind Him and touched the fringe of His cloak, and immediately her hemorrhage stopped. And Jesus said, ‘Who is the one who touched Me?’…”-Luke 8:43-45 (NASB)

I have always been intrigued by the story of the woman bleeding for 12 years reaching out for Jesus. Her story is one of desperation, pain, discomfort, healing, and restoration. It is a story that many of us need to hear and embrace.

We all have our secrets. We all have our hurts. We all have those deep issues that, if they were to surface, would make us feel unclean and not suitable for community involvement.

You might be thinking that last sentence is extreme, but think about it, if you had some of your deepest sin bubble over the top (porn addiction, alcoholism, lust, lies, adultery, stealing, anger, racism, etc.) would you feel suitable to walk in community with others, especially other believers?

That’s where this woman becomes us.

This woman had been declared unclean. Her bleeding is only known to herself, and medical professionals, but it is still a private issue. Somehow this devastating illness became known to others, possibly due to law requiring her to announce she is unclean, but most likely because those who found out told others and she was now shunned.

In 12 years she could not find anyone who could help her. She longed to be free, but in all of her attempts, she could not be cured. Then, Jesus comes on the scene. This is the man everyone had been talking about. The man who had been restoring sight to the blind, casting out demons, helping paralytics walk again, and forgiving people of sins, is now within reach.

What should she do? What would she do? This is her final chance to be healed and she took a leap of faith and reached out and touched his garment.

Now, I wonder, was she trying to touch Him and missed and got that little bit of fabric? Did she know that all of Jesus was holy? I doubt it, but she was renewed. She was restored to her “normal” self. She was made new and welcomed into the community again but, most importantly, she was also shown that even that little bit of Jesus was enough for her to be renewed and restored.

You see, this is what many of you/us need to hear today.

Even in your deepest, darkest sin that makes you feel unworthy or unclean. The stuff that separates you from Christ or makes you feel like you can’t fully be a part of the Church, can be relieved by reaching for the power of Jesus.

The emptiness that you have felt can be filled by Christ.

The pain of separation can be grafted together by reaching for the ultimate healer. 

Jesus wants you to be restored to who He created you to be. He wants you to be free from the burden that has separated you from Him. He is walking in your midst and waiting for you to reach.

The funny thing about the story is when He asks who touched Him. His disciples challenge Him and question how they could even figure that out with so many people around Him. Jesus noticed the woman. He knew who she was.

You might be thinking the same thing today. How can He notice me? There are so many other people hurting in the world, why would He acknowledge me?

Look at this story and know, He sees you! He knows you! He is listening and He will restore you! You are valuable to your Creator! Just reach!

May you see your worth to your Creator. May you reach for healing. May you sense His presence. May you know the truth in Jesus.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How have you seen Christ’s healing power in your life (Physically, emotionally, or spiritually)?


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