Dear Son-4 years later

I wrote a post to my son when he was 7 months old (Dear Son) when all the craziness surrounding Miley Cyrus was sweeping the internet.

Now, he is about to turn 4 and I feel compelled to write him again.

These are the words I would want him to read if, for some reason, God decided to take me from this Earth.

So, here we go, I’m going to do my best to write this without frying my keyboard from tear drops…

Dear Son,

2017 is your fourth year in our lives. You have blessed your mother and I immensely. Your smile and laughter is infectious and brings joy in our home.

Your imagination is fantastic. I love the way you can create something out of nothing and experience such wonderment with it. You make me smile because I see me in you.

I tell you every night that you are going to do great things someday. You have asked me what that means, so I am going to break that down for you now…

  • You will care for those who are uncared for.You will find those who don’t have people who love them and share love with them. You will befriend those who have been set aside and left alone. You will walk with compassion and passion to bring the joy you walk in to others. You will share your smile and laughter to brighten the dark days for many. That will be great!
  • You will respect women. You will not view girls or women as objects, but equals. You will celebrate them as God’s creation. You will open the door for them, but you will recognize they are strong enough to do it on their own. You will embrace their strength. You will honor your wife and, I hope, you will get the example of how to do that from me. You will encourage and empower the women around you, including your sister, and stand up for them when other men haven’t been taught the same as you. That will be great!
  • You will spread love, not hate.My hope is that you will walk with God in every step and because of that, you will spread His message of hope to others. You will not speak down to anyone or look at anyone as less than you, but see the glory of God in each and every person. You will look beyond social class, skin color, background, etc. and walk with everyone as a part of creation for the glory of God. That will be great!
  • You will be strong in yourself. You will not need to be number one or the best at everything. You will recognize failure makes you stronger. You will find value in losing because it will keep you humble, whether it’s CandyLand or a school election. You will be able to encourage those who win  and lift up those who don’t. You will not brag or boast in your success, but glorify God for allowing it. That will be great!

The great things you do someday will be defined by the great things you do for others. I am so proud of you in your young age and I know you will only continue to make me proud.

I praise God every day for allowing me to be your dad.

I only hope I can continue to raise you in such a way that these great things will come natural and, you will not see them as great, but normal.

I love you my son. Keep growing strong.


Your Dad


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