Who Should We Be?

In Tim Keller’s book Generous Justice: How God’s Grace Makes Us Just, he shares these words:

If God’s character includes a zeal for justice that leads him to have

the tenderest love and closest involvement with the socially weak,

then what should God’s people be like?” (page 8)

What a great question!

God’s character is revealed in His message f hope and grace to the least and the lost. He stepped into the lives of the broken to redeem them in and through His love.

The entire message of the Old Testament is that of God’s involvement with His creation after the fall of man in the garden. He desired to be in relationship with His people, so throughout the Old Testament narratives we find the truth of God’s purpose to redeem His work.

He rescued His people from slavery. He rescued His followers from the grasp of the enemy. He had David stand against Goliath to reveal the message of the Messiah coming for the world that is quivering in fear of the oppression and war in front of them.

God’s character is clear: He loves His creation and His heart is for those who have no voice and are lost in this world.

Even Christ shared that He came for those who recognized they needed a Savior not those who felt they were fine already (Mark 2:17).

So, then, who are we supposed to be in this world? How do we reflect the character of God to the least and lost?

Keller suggests:

“They (Christians*) must be people who are likewise passionately 

concerned for the weak and vulnerable…If believers in God don’t honor 

the cries and claims of the poor, we don’t honor Him, whatever we profess,

because we hide His beauty from the eyes of the world.” (pg. 8 and 9)

As followers of Jesus, we must rise to speak for the voiceless. We must care for the oppressed. We must step into the lives of those who are crying out for healing.

We cannot ignore the cries, for if we do, perhaps God will ignore us?

May we respond to the needs of the less fortunate. May we listen to the cries and recognize the necessity of God’s people to be present in the healing. May we be the peacemakers and healers who reveal the glorious character of our Creator.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How can you be more active in serving the least and broken?

*added by me for clarification

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