Why We Wait- 4 Important Reasons For Advent

The Christian Church is in the season of Advent. It is a time of cool little pop open calendars with candy or symbols to commemorate the coming of Christmas.

My son and I have been participating in a Minion Advent calendar. Not necessarily biblical, but fun to put together the characters and build a fun scene.

I’m assuming it is a scene from the movie, but we haven’t seen it, so it’s guess on my part. My son thought it looked fun, so my mother in-law bought it for him last year.

In all reality, we aren’t enjoying advent for the fun calendars. We are in advent because we are waiting for the event that changed history and the lives of all mankind as we know it.

We are waiting to celebrate the coming of our Messiah, Lord Jesus Christ.

You see, waiting is historical for the people of God. God had the Israelites wait for the right time to enter the promised land. He had Noah wait on the ark until it was the right time to restore humanity to earth. He had Job wait in agony until the time came to honor his faithfulness and restore his life.

For 400 years,God had His people wait for His voice to be heard and it came on that wonderful night in a manger. A night where lowly shepherds were first to step foot into the presence of their King. The night Joseph and Mary became parents to the Savior of the World.

That very night, God’s plan was made visible as He came to the earth as a child to restore the world and reconcile them back to Himself.


This is why we wait…

  1. RESTORATION: We know that our Savior came in the flesh to this world. He was born, but His life that was taken to give us life is what we celebrate. He has restored us through His sacrifice. He has promised to return to redeem His people and take them to where they belong and for a new heaven and earth to be given. We wait for restoration to be experienced.
  2. HEALING: Jesus came to this earth to bring life to the dead and heal the sick. The earth is groaning and waiting for healing to occur. Our broken world is longing to be put back together and He is the only way that can be achieved. We wait for His return so healing can be achieved.
  3. UNITY: Through His message of truth and love, Christ came to unite God’s people. He built the Church for that very purpose. The brokenness that is found in the church today will be gone. We will bow down together to worship our Lord. We will not have denominations, skin color, gender, etc. to keep us from worshiping together. God is uniting all who believe in Him and that is why we wait.
  4. PEACE: In a world full of calamity and strife, we need peace. We wait for Jesus because He came to bring peace. He did not reveal Himself to be full of hate and rage, but rather He engaged in spreading love and joy. He called His followers to speak with truth and love. His desire was to see His people spread the good news of hope and peace to all the nations. He even said that the peacemakers would be blessed in their journey and inherit the Kingdom. We wait for the peace to be revealed and experienced in its abundance through the return of Jesus.

This is why we wait. We long for the world to be renewed to perfection through the glorious nature of our Lord Jesus and for God to claim what is rightfully His.

Our hope and desire is for all of mankind to know who Jesus is and for the reality to set in that they are in need of what we are waiting for.

May you wait diligently for Jesus. May you celebrate this advent season recognizing that Christmas has come and is coming for all of us!

Peace and blessings friends!

QUESTION: What are some fun advent ideas you have taken part in?


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