Honoring God In Your Work

“We believe that when people commit to a Jesus-shaped way of life, they create a counterculture for the common good-living their lives not for themselves but for the benefit of others to the glory of God.”-David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons, GOOD FAITH

In David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons’ book, GOOD FAITH: BEING A CHRISTIAN WHEN SOCIETY THINKS YOU’RE IRRELEVANT AND EXTREME, they explore the different perspectives the world holds towards people who profess to follow Jesus and how those who follow Jesus can interact with culture better.

Through extensive research, Kinnaman and Lyons aim to help the reader discover how to walk with compassion and respond with confidence about issues in society. They want the reader to, “Understand the heart behind opposing views and learn how to stay friends across differences.”

In chapter 2 they address the topic of irrelevanceFor many people in this world, Christianity is irrelevant and has limited to no influence/necessity. They do not understand what the purpose of worshiping God serves. They share, “Most people think Jesus was a pretty good guy, but they don’t believe his teaching has made much of an impact on modern society.” They go on to say, “Large proportions of the population, even Christians, believe our faith has had little or no impact on art, culture, personal well-being, politics, community cohesion, charitable behavior, and provision of community services.”

In order for the perspective that Christians have had no influence on modern society to change, followers of Jesus must be active in influencing culture.

One way to change the perception can be found in how you work. The way you work can do a lot for spreading the gospel or hindering it. The way you view your work can create a shift in the way your coworkers and clients view Christianity.

If you’re a teacher, teach with passion and zeal to see kids gain excitement for learning and trust you as an adult in their lives. If you’re a lawyer, practice with proper ethics and morality. If you’re a police officer, love the community you serve and those who live in it. If you’re  student, be on time and be active in spreading kindness on campus. The list can go on and on, but you need to think about how your work influences the lives of those around you.

Kinnaman and Lyons suggest, “For good faith Christians, work is an expression of worship.”

May you worship well. May you be a positive influence for others with the sole purpose of glorifying God in your work. May you be different to influence the culture you live in.

Peace and blessings friends!

QUESTION: What could you be doing differently to demonstrate “Good Faith” in your work?

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