7 Ways Comparing Ourselves To Others Can Kill Us Slowly

We live in a day where social media allows us to look into the filtered lives of our friends and our friend’s friends (don’t act like you don’t Facebook stalk). We love to look at the well crafted food pictures, perfectly posed vacation photos, and special photos of the family pet(s). If we enjoy them enough, we might even press the “like” button or heart symbol.

The great thing about social media is the fact that you can connect and join in the lives of your friends and family. The funny thing is, this is also the problem with social media.

The constant connection into the lives of others can wear you out. If you aren’t careful,  you can get yourself caught in a comparison trap, and it can kill you slowly.

Here are 7 ways getting caught in the comparison trap can kill you:

  1. YOU PASS JUDGMENT: One of the worst things that can occur when caught in the snare of comparison is judgment. You look at the lives of others and instantly begin to see what you have that is better and you can’t believe they live that way. You might even say words that are hurtful, but because you are saying it to a screen, you think nothing of it. Those thoughts embed themselves in your heart and mind, which will eventually cause damage to your relationships.
  2. YOU LONG FOR MORE: When you begin comparing your life with other’s, there is potential for you to look passed what you have and long for something greater.The ability to be content with who you are and what you have disappears and you begin to feel unhappy with yourself.
  3. YOU LOSE TIME: Imagine how much time you could spend doing something productive if you would quit scanning through other profiles or images to compare your life with someone else. When you don’t match up to one person, you will find yourself scanning through until you find someone you’re better than or equal to. There is so much more that you can be doing that is worth more of your time than trying to compare yourself to others.
  4. YOUR RELATIONSHIPS SUFFER: Looking at other relationships can be beneficial when they add something to you. If someone is in a relationship you respect, then it is great to glean from them and apply some of their habits into your relationship. However, when you begin to look at your spouse or significant other while projecting the image of someone else, it is not fair for them or you. You will not be happy and they ill never match up to your imagination. Don’t allow yourself to be influenced by filtered relationships. Anyone can type sweet words and pose for loving pictures, but you won’t know what arguments are like, if they snore, or chew with their mouth open. So don’t place a filtered relationship on a pedestal because it might be just as good or worse than your own.
  5. YOUR SERVICE CAN SUFFER: This is kind of a reverse situation. When we see people serving or traveling on service trips, we begin to strive for what they’re doing. That inherently isn’t a bad thing, but when we begin to want to serve because we want to have pictures showing our service, then we are doing more harm than good. It is self serving. You can serve without taking pictures, trust me.
  6. YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE: You begin to ask yourself, “Why do they have more likes than me?” This question can kill. When you compare your likes, you will never last. Don’t look at likes. If you’re posting for likes, then you’re caught in the trap. By the way, please like this post, there are other bloggers who get way more likes than me.
  7. YOU FEEL LIKE YOU’RE LESS: This might be the most important issue that needs to be addressed. Don’t place your worth on someone else’s filtered life. Don’t allow yourself to believe that if your likes, loves, follows, or retweets don’t match up to another individual, then you’re not valuable. Your thoughts are valuable. Your pictures are wonderful. You have a valuable life that does not depend on social media’s acceptance. Believe that you are worth it.

May you come to see that comparing yourself to others is not healthy. May you come to accept the life you have and live it unfiltered. May you see beyond the filters and embrace your status as God’s creation.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Do you find yourself comparing your life to the lives you see on social media?



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