Recognizing Your Potential

I remember being told by a teacher, “There’s no limit to what you can do”. I think that is a false statement, but it makes us feel good. It isn’t that my teacher was trying to give me false hope, but I do believe they were trying to get me motivated to conquer math.
We have all heard those “pick me up” statements, “The sky is the limit!” or “There’s no mountain so large that you can’t climb it!” All of these are great clichés that you’ll find on a motivational poster on a wall of a classroom or therapist’s office, but do they really hold water? I struggle to believe so, but I don’t think they are way off.
We need to know that we can accomplish great things. We have to be aware of the fact that we are given breath on this earth to bring glory to God through our actions and words. We need to know that God is with us through all of our steps and our journey and, through Him, you can achieve your dreams.
However, there is a reality check that needs to take place. I could say, “If I work hard enough, I could definitely climb any mountain I want to climb.” The reality is, no, I can’t.
I can set a goal to climb a mountain, but there is no way I will climb Kilimanjaro. Why? Because I know I have limits. I can potentially climb a mountain, but is that where my energy is supposed to be spent…nope.
For some, climbing a mountain is exactly where their time is supposed to be spent. For those people, more power to you. I am seriously jealous. However, they may or may not be inclined to study the Bible and preach.
Which, I am. I love it. You see, my limitless potential is in what I am gifted to do. This is for all of us. I wish the sky was the limit when it came to learning magic tricks, but my hands are not made for quick action with cards and wands. I look good in a cape, but that’s as far as I’ll get with being a magician.
We need to all recognize our potential, but we need to know where our potential lies.
The only thing I can say for certain is that Christ has made us all to do great things for His glory. What it is, that’s for all of us to figure out with His help in our journey.
It isn’t about dwelling on limitations, but putting everything we can into our potential. I could potentially be a great preacher, but if I don’t put work into what I know God has gifted me with then, my potential goes down the drain. I could potentially be a great dad to my kids, but if I don’t put effort into being a great dad then, I waste my potential. I have to take the gifts God has given me and run with them, or I potentially miss out on His great work in me.
May we strive to be great in our potential. May we aim to do everything for the glory of God. May we be great in our gifts through Christ.
Let us not rest on our limitations, but flourish in our potential.
Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: What are some things you are aiming to achieve that don’t necessarily fit your gifts?

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