Hearing The Word “No” Is Necessary For Growth

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I was talking with someone the other day about her life. She was complaining about not receiving certain things or not being able to have what she wants. She admitted that there is a bit of a spoiled streak to her, but her biggest confession was saying, “I really don’t like hearing the word ‘no’.”
I laughed and I said, “I don’t think anyone really likes to hear the word no, but sometimes it is necessary for us to grow.” Then, I went back to something I said earlier in our conversation, “Sometimes, hearing the word ‘no’ is hard to take, but when we realize how many more times we will hear the word ‘Yes’ it makes it a little more bearable.”
Isn’t this how we all are at times, especially with God? We ask Him for things, but when He tells us “no” or nothing at all, we get upset. It’s difficult to hear no, especially from God, but it is necessary to grow in our trust with Him.

You see, if we look at God as this all powerful wish granter, then we fail to respect Him as God. He is the ultimate ruler of our world and our lives, which gives Him the authority to say “NO” and “YES” when we make requests. However, just because He wants us to come to Him as a child, He doesn’t want us to act like a child when He doesn’t do what we want Him to do.
The “no” we receive now, just might be necessary for us to enjoy and appreciate the yes He gives to us later.
May we rest in the “yes” and the “no” answers. May we trust that God’s words are just and true. May we recognize that as our Father in heaven, He longs for us to have what we need, which may not always be what we want. Finally, may we continue to follow Him with love and trust even when his answers don’t match up with our desires.

Peace and blessings friends.

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