3 Reasons We Might Be Missing Our Purpose

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”- Romans 8:28 (NIV)
I recently read and shared a post from a friend about his search for purpose (http://paulsohn.org/why-i-fired-myself-before-i-got-fired-by-somebody-else/). He was working a fantastic job and doing things many people dream about, especially at the age of 28. He made the decision to step out of his comfort zone and move where God was leading him. I am pretty excited about what God is going to do with Paul going forward.
After reading his post, it got me thinking about myself and the rest of us. Are we experiencing our purpose? Are we living life to the fullest, the reason why Christ came?

There are so many reasons we miss our purpose and possibly fail to experience a fuller life. Here are three reasons we might be missing out on our purpose here:
1) We Fail To Pray:Jesus told His disciples to ask, especially when seeking wisdom or direction. We should never cease praying for discernment in our life. We should avoid giving up on the process of prayer, especially if it is taking a while to get the answer. Our life direction is too important not to pray about. God’s timing is His own, we merely have to be patient and allow Him to work. Don’t rush it and let Him speak. This brings me to the next reason we might be missing out on our purpose…
2) We Fail To Be Patient: Often times we will be praying about our direction or what God wants us to be doing, but we expect an answer overnight or at least within two weeks. He doesn’t work like that. He will give an answer when He feels like we are ready. What’s interesting about this is we might not think we are ready when He does! We might get restless where we are, but we might have to learn patience. We might think it’s time for us to act on our own, but what faith does that show? If we can say God is in control, then we need to rest in His control. We need to do our part in working diligently for Him, but we cannot allow ourselves to take the lead and hope for Him to catch up with us.
3) We Fail To Analyze:The great thing about Paul’s story in his post is he recognized the need to move. He had to analyze his life and make a decision to trust God wholeheartedly and go. We need to analyze our willingness to step outside of our complacency. Are we willing to take risks with and for God? Are we willing to trust Him in our journey? This analysis of our self will aid us in discovering whether or not we really want to know our purpose.
This is not an end-all list of reasons, but these three might help kick-start a process of thinking and discovering who you are created to be. We are all made for something. We have all been given gifts and talents to be used for the glory of God. We are all made to do something great for Him in some way. We just need to seek His guidance, trust His timing, and be willing to go where He calls us.
God is great, His purposes are great, and His creation has been given great purpose in Him.
May we come to know our purpose and do great things with it for the One who made us!

QUESTION: How have you stepped out in trust with God lately?

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