The Passion Experience

(Passion Conference 2015 graphic)

“Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.”– Isaiah 26:8
The opening verse I share above is the verse that guides a movement! I should say a revolution for the glory of God here on earth!
It is the key verse for the Passion Conference guided by the faithfulness and conviction of Louie and Shelley Giglio. Their desire to see college students from all over the world come to know their potential and purpose in Christ is what drives their mission.
This past weekend, I was honored and privileged to lead a small group of college students and a senior in high school to the second conference held in Atlanta. Two weeks prior to our event, they held the first of three conferences this year. In two weeks they will be in Houston, Texas and I will be touching on that shortly.
We were in the Philips Arena, home of the Atlanta Hawks, with over 12,000 people (students and leaders) all gathered to worship and praise their Creator. Led by some of the most gifted worship leaders in the world and blessed to hear some of the greatest communicators of the gospel message. I was in awe of how God works.
These students, lifting their hands in praise; raising their voices in joy; clapping their hands in excitement; and dancing to music glorifying their Lord!
As a leader, my heart burst with joy and I was brought to tears knowing that this generation has hope! I am lumped in the millennial generation and we are a generation labeled as individualistic, selfish, apathetic, etc. Yet, I was in an arena filled with 12,000 of this selfish generation moved to praise the One greater than their self!
An even more astonishing event came at the end of the second night, when a call was given to the attendees, to give beyond their own wants to reach different groups around the world who are in need of hearing the good news of Jesus. There was a goal of raising $850,000 to reach 10 different people groups. The goal was set for this weekend and the first weekend. The goal was surpassed through the generosity and willingness to follow God’s lead of this apathetic generation!
Now in Houston they have the freedom to set another goal or challenge at whatever level they feel led to go!

Again, I cried! Tears welled up and joy came flowing out as I watched the arena stand to their feet praising God for allowing them to take part in His mission to reach the least and the lost! To bring all of His creation home! That was and is the purpose of Passion.
The purpose of Passion is to help the people who attend their conference understand they have a role to play in the Kingdom of God to reveal the beauty of their Father! Amazing!
The students I brought heard specific messages from God that brought them to their knees. I heard a message that brought me to my knees! Everyone was moved to rise up and make the name of Jesus famous in the world!
Now, if you are a college student or know a college student, get them to this conference! God will move and reveal who they are in Him in order to use them for His glory. No doubt! Houston is just around the corner and it would be horrible if you missed out! If you can’t, make a plan for next year, January 2-4 in Atlanta, GA.
Finally, at the end of our time, they spoke about the end it movement (
It is a call for this generation to rise up and speak out against human trafficking. Over 27 million, that’s 27,000,000, people (men, women and children) are caught in this trap. A scheme of Satan himself to steal, kill and destroy the purpose of those God created for His glory!
The challenge was placed to create a team of 27 people willing to give $7 each. Then each of those 27 people will develop their own team of 27 with the same challenge. The ripple effect will keep going to assist in stopping this crisis!
Here is my question: WILL YOU BE ON MY TEAM and consider MAKING YOUR OWN? Please pray about it and email me if you are interested (

Louie Giglio shared “Worship and justice are two-sides of the same coin”. If you claim to follow Christ, justice should be a part of your DNA. You aren’t required to be a Christian to care about the poor and broken, however, you are required to care about the poor and broken if you’re a follower of Christ.
Let us rise together to change the life of those caught in this despicable, horrific, and tragic practice in order to see them renewed and empowered to be something greater! Amen.

Sorry for being so long on this post, it shouldn’t happen again…at least for a while. 

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