These 4 R’s Need to be Added to Your Vocabulary Today

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There are certain words that we need to have in our vocabulary to push us through our day and get us through life breathing a little easier. Here are four R words that I feel should be added to our vault in order to assist in the process:
1)      REST– Even God found time to rest after creating this world and He commanded His people to honor the Sabbath day (Genesis 2:2-3; Exodus 20:8-11). We all need to find time to put our feet up and enjoy a day off, or at least 30 minutes! For some reason we have bought into the idea that if you have down time, then you need to fill it. That is dangerous for all of us. Slow down, put down the phone; try closing your eyes and truly RESTING for a while to let your battery recharge in order to move through the rest of your day, week, month, year, and life!
2)      REFLECT– The Israelites had to remember their past regularly. They had to be reminded of their time as slaves (Deuteronomy  5:15) in order to remember how they gained freedom. Perhaps, while resting, you can take some time to reflect on your life. Reflect on where you have been, what you have been through, and where you are today. Maybe, during that time, you might discover things that have hindered you from going forward or praise God for strength to break through adversity. When we REFLECT on the past; we might possibly enhance our vision for the future and get a deeper perspective of our present.
3)      RECONCILE– We all have relationships that have gone sour. We have all failed to show God’s love to others and might have allowed for pain to dwell inside of us for too long. We need to take the opportunity to show God’s love and RECONCILE with those we have wronged or have wronged us. When we show forgiveness, we reveal God’s grace. When we ask for forgiveness, we reveal God’s mercy. It will help us feel better and, in the long run, might create healing with the person we forgave or allowed to forgive us. It’s a win-win. Besides, we shouldn’t be worshiping anyway if we’re holding a grudge or know someone is holding a grudge against us. I read that somewhere. (Matthew 5:23-25)
4)      RENEW– Jesus took time to refresh His time with God (Mark 1:35). In our busy lives; lacking rest; missing times of reflection; and failing to reconcile. We miss the opportunities to RENEW the relationship with God regularly. We are new every morning and God never changes. We commit sins during our day, and sometimes during the night (remember that one show), that we need to request forgiveness for. Our lives get busy and our time with God can become less and less. We need to take time to seek Him and His guidance while rushing through our day. Make the relationship right again and reconnect with our Creator.
These are the words that could help us move through our life in a more spiritually healthy way and maybe, just maybe, help us breathe a little easier when life gets hectic or hard.

QUESTION: What are some ways you practice these R’s?

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