3 Lies Christians Can Tell Themselves

(Photo Courtesy: graphicstock.com)

People who claim Christ as their savior can fall into traps that lead them down a pretty dark hole. The fact is, we allow ourselves to believe certain lies that hinder our growth in Christ, frustrate us in our faith, and lead us further away from the very truth that we claim leads us to these lies.

1)We Are Not Instantly Changed: This is a pressure that leads to frustration. We still make mistakes and we will always keep making mistakes. The reality is our perfection will not come until we are with Christ in heaven, sitting around the awesome dinner table and worshiping Him while we eat. This is the number one lie Satan wants us to believe. He wants us to think we should be perfect once we accept Christ, then when we fail, we step away feeling unworthy. Let go of this lie.

2) No One Is Better At Christianity Than We Are: Or Vice Versa. I believe there are different levels to the faith. Everyone is going at their own pace. Allow God to work on you and only you. Do not try to compare your faith walk with another individual, but learn from them. Allow yourself to step with the person you feel might have more experience and glean from them what you might need to embrace. Remember, our role is to learn what Christ has taught and teach others what we have learned. If we sit comparing what we don’t do right; or what others do better or worse than us, we are hindering our growth in humility and service with Christ. Don’t fall into the lie of comparison and walk your own walk in order to guide people in your steps.

3) Church Is Not Important: This is a lie we can fall into, especially if we think we have a firm walk with Christ. We have a role to play as a member of the body of Christ. We are to serve in a church, worship with fellow believers, and support our congregation. Now, what this looks like for some might be completely different for others. The most important part is to remember that we can’t do this alone. Christ sent His disciples out together to serve people. Paul encourage people to remember fellowship and unity in the body. If Christ didn’t want the Church to be important in our lives, then He would not have told Peter to start it! If we don’t have a group of people we can worship with, serve with, and do life with as we walk with Christ, then we can fall into a trap that leads us away from what can hold us together.

The funny thing about this list is, if you don’t believe the last lie, then you will have support while battling the first two. Find a body of believers to worship and serve with. They need you just as much as you need them. Don’t compare yourself to them, but walk with them; learn from them; and share some insight with them. Then, realize that we are all living in this mess together, as messy people trying to discover the perfection found only in Christ Jesus. 
May we follow what we have learned and walk in truth…today!

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