Connected By Grace

I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit;<span class="crossreference" style="font-weight: bold; vertical-align: top;" value="(A)”> apart from me you can do nothing.”-John 15:5
I think one of the hardest things to reconcile within our life, is that this isn’t our life.
We have been made for more. Christ has given us a life to live in order to enhance the lives of others.
That just sounds weird, doesn’t it? I mean, the clothes I wear, my attitude, my money, my job, etc. are all mine right? So why would it have anything to do with anyone else?
The truth is, it does. Our lives are so connected it’s incredible. Thanks, God! 
When Christ refers to His followers as “branches” on the “true vine”.  We are the branches connected to Him, but we all influence each other. 
When He says God will cut the branches off that don’t produce fruit, it is pretty clear that the branches around it will be effected in some way. 
If we are all connected to the vine, then it might be understood that we are connected with each other. 
If the vine provides love, then we are connected by love. However, most importantly, the vine provides grace, which means we are all connected by grace.
The life we live together is connected by the grace of Jesus on the cross. The life we are blessed with is empowered by the love of our Savior. 
Ultimately, as we live in this world together, we should live in such a way that our grace connection allows us to live with love for each other, that is the life given to us by the only true vine.

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