A Resolution of Purpose

It’s a new year! We all make decisions to change something, add something, move somewhere; possibly develop a new skill, among other things. Resolutions are always great in the beginning, but for some reason, as the year goes on it gets more and more difficult to keep focused or stay on track.
This year, let me suggest a new resolution idea. Let us all resolve to live with purpose. Let us strive to achieve new heights in sharing kindness, compassion, empathy, and love to others. May we embrace the command of “love your neighbor as we love ourselves” this year.
How can we do this? Keep your middle finger down. Smile more. Say “excuse me” when walking by people. Use your blinker. While in traffic, allow people to merge into your lane without complaining. Buy someone a coffee in the Starbucks drive thru (especially if it’s a Dodge Stratus with a guy that looks like the profile picture on this blog).
There are so many ways to live with purpose and the largest purpose of all is to live for the glory of God. Show forgiveness, step into the life of someone in need, serve with passion and not out of obligation, and finally, step out of your comfort zone in faith to move where God wants you to go!
God has made you to do great works! They were already planned from the beginning of your life. This year, resolve to live for His glory, for His love, and for His purpose!
Happy New Year!

Question: What is your resolution for 2014? 

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