Parting The Waters

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During our middle/high school Sunday school class, we spoke of Moses leading the Israelites out of slavery. The fact that God used a man with such low self-esteem and lack of leadership skills to lead his people is beyond amazing.

The interesting thing that we drew from the story is the scene at the Red Sea. Moses had just brought the people out of captivity and was leading them to redemption and freedom promised by the Great I AM! 
The only problem is he brought them straight to a huge body of water that was impassible. A body of water that seemed like the end of their journey.

I can just imagine the people looking at Moses saying “OMG! Seriously! Are you sure God told you to do this?! We are all going to die!” I am sure there was some sort of murmuring and, if it was today, there would be text messages going back and forth.

Moses was following the command of God to lead His people out of captivity and they reached a point where they had to trust God even more. The Pharaoh was pursuing and the water was deep. Surely, their life was going to end and God had failed them.

When, suddenly, Moses stuck his staff in the water and the water split! These people, who started to feel lost, hopeless, and losing faith, were once again awakened by the faithfulness of their Creator. The water was parted and their faith was restored. They could now cross into safety and watch the water crash down on the soldiers tracking behind them.

This is where some of us are. We reach this impasse or point where it seems like our hope is lost, but God is saying “Walk up, place your staff and watch me work!”

We all have our Red Sea. We all have our pharaoh coming after us. We all have a point where it feels like the army is right at our heels. However, we all have a God who is ready to get us through and guide us to safety.

He will part the waters for us. We just need to walk up and trust His words.

Question: What is your Red Sea? Do you trust that God will part the water?

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