Why So Serious?

This Christmas Video has gone viral and it is pretty sweet! However, it seems like we now have something to match up to…or do we?

Ok, maybe we don’t, because seriously those kids are cute and not everyone can rock Christmas jammies like that. However, we can learn how to not take ourselves too seriously. The wife is in Iron Man and he is in a pretty important role dancing behind a desk, but they were willing to take a step and be risky with their jammies. Oh, and they actually shared they bought a Prius…hmmm.
We can’t take ourselves too seriously in life. We all have roles to play and may be in pretty important positions, but no one is above a little dance or ridiculous song here and there (you can find that out on karaoke night…anywhere!)
Maybe that’s what we have to match up to from this video. It isn’t the Christmas card, it isn’t the dancing, it isn’t getting punched in the face before a triathlon, and it definitely isn’t a vasectomy, but perhaps the ability to put our pride aside and dance a little.
 Enjoy life and enjoy Christmas because joy brought through Christ is the primary reason for the season! I wonder if Jesus would rock Christmas jammies…uhm…yeah! (Actually he did, but it was just a piece of cloth to cover him up in manger).
P.S. I am curious as to who punched the wife and why before the race?
Question: What is the weirdest/ funniest Christmas card you have received or taken?

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