Making Space

We are in the process of developing the strategy of the student ministry at our church. I have been in the position of Christian education director for over a month now and I have been analyzing/assessing the programs that we do in the church in regards to youth ministry. For the past few weeks I have been discussing the work with a group of people and individuals who have had vested interest in the youth of the church. It has been interesting.
During this process I have discovered something about us, but most importantly about me…making space is difficult. When we speak of changes or new direction it requires making space for improvement and movement. It requires work. It requires hard conversations. Making space means putting everything on the table with a willing heart to allow God to reveal what needs to be shifted.
The church’s youth program and individuals that have invested their time to work in it have a lot on their plate. There are fundraisers, dinners, special events, etc. that pull everyone in different directions and cause some stress. Some of the stress is unnecessary, but it happens. Can you relate to this?
We all have busy lives. We all have things that pull us in different directions and cause stress. Some of the stress is unnecessary, but it happens…right? Does it have to happen? No.
To alleviate unnecessary stress we need to be willing to make space. We have to be willing to put everything on the table and ask God to guide our direction.
We need to ask the hard questions:
1. What needs to be added?- Is it bible study time? More prayer? Service to the Church?  Time with family and/or friends? More alone time?
2. What needs to change- Is it attitude toward church? People? Time spent on unnecessary activities? Job?
3. What needs to be enhanced- How you serve? Your prayer life (more than just Sunday)? Your time in Scripture (longer than 15 min.)?
We all have stuff and we all know God is calling us to be and do more. For some, if not all, of us in order to do what God is requiring of us, we need to make space. We need to ask ourselves the hard question about priorities. We need to be willing to put our own desires aside and risk making God’s desires ours. We need to allow Him to fill our space with His purpose…maybe that’s why making space is so difficult? If we are willing to let the space open up, we might just see God move in a mightier way than we have experienced in a long time. 

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