Oh my, Miley?!

The MTV VMA’s was on last night and received a lot of attention. For some, the attention was given due to the reunion of a 90’s boy band. For another group, it was due to the reigning top boy band that has all the middle school girls jumping, and fainting, for joy. However, everyone’s attention has been drawn to the unfortunate performance of Miley Cyrus.
It was a performance that consisted of dirty dancing, gross gestures, and… teddy bears. Her entrance to the stage from the stomach of a teddy bear, dressed in a teddy bear suit, several dancers with teddy bears strapped to their back, and other dancing teddy bears. It was quite perplexing. Then, when her performance was over, she stripped out of her teddy bear gear into her bra and underwear. Talk about awkward.
This was Hannah Montana! This was the girl that every parent was letting their child watch and sing along with. Now, this is the girl that seems to have lost the respect of many in her industry and the majority of people in America. How? Why? Who’s fault is it?
Before we start to cast blame and disgust at this young lady and the industry she works in, we need to look in the mirror. We made that! We bought into her hype. Whether or not you bought her music or even watched her show, we still had something to do with her life, now. You might ask “why should I take the blame? She isn’t my kid? I never bought her music!” Correct, but you never told people not to buy her music either.
Now, before I go any further, please know that I am not calling for a boycott, but I am calling for a gut check. We support Disney, we support Nickelodeon, we support clothing companies that promote sexuality (i.e. Justice, Victoria’s Secret, etc.) and then we are shocked and throw disgust at young women who have not been able to understand who they are or the value of purity? Seems confusing to me.
Think about who you are supporting? Are you having a healthy conversation about the meaning of clothing, music, dancing, television shows? Or are you allowing things to get by expecting your child to understand what they are watching, listening to, singing, etc.? Check yourself and your messages. IF you allow your child to wear booty shorts or listen to music that degrades women, but then express your disgust at performances or actions of child stars like Miley, there is no wonder we have children confused about standards or morals.
This is a challenge not just for parents, but for all adults that have influence in the lives of young people. Set the example. Stay consistent in the message. Help guide them through decisions and be aware of their influences. This is a discussion that needs to be had, if not for the betterment of the youth, at least it will assist in the sanity of the parents.

QUESTION: What was your opinion of the VMA performances? Have you thought about having this type of conversation with your kids?

2 Comments on “Oh my, Miley?!”

  1. I heard a commentator on FOX News ask if people had been to a high school dance lately and seen the kind of dancing the kids are doing lately–“dirty dancing, full of sexuality”–AND have they seen the adults around the perimeter permitting (and, thus, condoning) this behavior. It is past time for ALL adults to step up to the plate and be responsible again.


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