Don’t Be Discouraged

“For all of them were trying to frighten us, thinking, ‘They will become discouraged with the work and it will not be done.’ But now, O God, strengthen my hands.”-Nehemiah 6:9
We will have naysayers in our lives. These are the people that cannot be happy with anyone else being happy. They feel like it is necessary to bring others down in order to lift themselves up. It is hard to deal with people like this and it is hard to remain focused on our purpose or passion. So, what are we to do?
Look at the end of verse 9 and learn from Nehemiah…depend on God! Good ol’ Nehemiah knew that it was no use worrying about the people trying to bring him down. He knew that no matter what, these negative Nancy’s (no offense if your name is Nancy) were going to be Debbie downer’s (I just wanted to even things out for Nancy…but sorry to Debbie too). He had to keep focused and move forward with mission and purpose God called him to with the people of Jerusalem.
This is how we need to respond to those around us who try to “frighten us” with their negative statements of “Oh, you’ll never succeed” or “You’re never going to make it”. We need to step forward, shut them out, and listen to the One who has called us to achieve great things in His name and for His glory! He will strengthen your hands and He will take care of those who are being jerks!
Stay focused! Know your purpose is protected by the One who called you to it! Trust that He is God and remember you are not! He will move you and His work forward! (I’m really excited while writing this section, hence the punctuation)!

Quick note: If you are someone who is always trying to bring others down. QUIT! It is not good for you or them, well, now only you because they should be equipped with the right attitude to handle people like you. You have no power. You have no right. Ultimately, you need to realize you have potential to do great things too if you start looking towards God. Allow Him to open your eyes to see how you can join in His work! The end…oh…maybe smile a bit too!
Question: Have you had another person place fear in your heart? Have they held you back from moving forward? Have you overcome that fear? If so, how? 

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