About a month ago I found out my position had been eliminated in the organization I work for due to budget issues and staff reduction. It has been an interesting process to say the least, but it has been a little bit fun for me too. I definitely had my time of “Oh Crap! What Now?!” I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Now, of course, I know what you’re thinking “trust God and He will provide”, but when you are put into a situation of radical change it’s a lot easier said than done. However, within a couple of days I was at the point of accepting this thought process. My “Oh Crap” thought, which some of you were offended by when you first read it, turned into “hmmm….”
My thought process had to turn into “hmmm” because the possibilities for my future had changed 100%. I was comfortable in my position. I knew what to expect and I knew where my paycheck was coming from (thanks by the way if you happen to be a supporter). However, now, my comfortable position has changed. I have come to realize I trusted God, but my job security had hindered my growth in dependence. My trust level was limited because I had gained a sense of coziness in my work. I never thought it would end. Well, now I know different and in the great words of the cartoon G.I. JOE “And knowing is half the battle.”
God never promised tomorrow. He gave us yesterday to have experience. He gives us today to live out what we have learned and, if we are blessed with a tomorrow, we carry what we learned today with us. Our future is defined only by God. He knows what direction we will be headed. He knows if we will have a house tomorrow, if we will have a job, if we will have kids, and if____________.  The reality is we cannot live our lives so comfortable today, that if tomorrow comes with changes; we might have lost our flexibility.
I realize I failed in my complete trust. I can own up to that. Now, I just have to learn from my past. I have been doing this job for 9 years. I am going to miss it. However, I am looking forward to where God is leading me and my wife along with our new son. The present is our opportunity to live for the unknown, and the unknown is our future. God will guide you through the next opportunity or He may keep you where you are, but no matter what we have to trust Him. The only thing certain about this life is that God is faithful and will be with us… even if our trust is lacking.
Transitioning is difficult, but it is necessary for growth. Do you feel God leading you a transitioning period? How is it going? Do you have a sense of growth and opportunity or doubt and fear? Why?

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