The Center of the Cross

I have chosen to take a couple days off in my writing due to the tragic events in Boston and Texas. I know my writing doesn’t directly influence any person’s ability to focus on these events; however I felt I needed to rest. Over these past couple days I have had time to reflect on how life is fragile. We never know when tragedies like we have witnessed this week will occur and change our lives forever. Sure, the majority of people in this country are reacting without personally knowing anyone who lives in Boston, ran the marathon, or even had to be worked on by medical personnel, but the reality is their hearts are still broken for the tragic loss of life with families and individuals lives being changed forever.
This is life. This is community. We as a nation, as a people recognize that any life lost due to someone else’s hand is unfair. Our hearts, thoughts, and in some cases, our prayers go out to these people. My question is why? Why should we care? If it doesn’t directly affect me or my family, why does my heart break for those I don’t even know? My thought goes directly to Jesus.
Jesus is the reason my heart breaks. Jesus is the reason I care. Jesus is the reason I don’t fear what has occurred or the evil in this world because He brings hope. He brings hope through the actions of people who jumped to serve people in need. He brings hope through the prayers and kind words of people across the world. He brings hope when I look at the faces of children, especially my own, realizing that I have a chance to raise him up to know his role to love and respect others. Jesus gave me hope in the idea that in order to fight evil in the world, I must do good in this world. He set that example and I will follow.
Christ’s heart breaks for the people of this world. Although it is broken, it continuously beats for the redemption and well-being of the creation. While three points on the cross caused blood to flow and pain to increase, there was a fourth point too often ignored which is found at the center. The center of the cross is where Christ’s heart is found, still beating, still pumping for those He looked down on and said “Forgive them”. His love endures and his heart makes pure the lives of those He created. The center of the cross is where my eyes are focused now. I know my sin was forgiven by the nails, but I know my life is given because of that heartbeat at the center of the cross. 

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