Is Life a Highway?

For some reason I have had “Life is a Highway” playing in my head today. It’s weird. I don’t even really like Rascal Flatts, but I do like the movie Cars, so maybe that’s why. I don’t know, but either way it got me thinking a bit.

Is life really a highway? I had to look up the definition of a highway and found that it is defined as a main public road connecting two cities. Interesting. If it is a highway, I’m not sure I want to be on it.

Follow me on this thought. I don’t want to be on one road, especially at night the entire trip. I want a life that leads me on side streets and off the beaten path at times. If I stay on one road that leads me into a city, that’s fine and all, but I seriously like adventure.

I want to experience different sites on my way to a new place. I think that is really what life is about. I think we are meant to experience new places and new faces, but not on one direct road.

Maybe it’s on a road with a lot of traffic or a road with some bumps in it that slows us down. In any case, maybe the side roads we take that lead us to a new “city” might open our eyes to things we might miss otherwise.

Let’s enjoy the journey of life. Let’s ride out our life in adventurous ways. Let’s not take the shortest route to where we are going because there might be an experience we miss out on. I’ll take a highway, but not all night and not the entire trip. I want to see what’s out there and maybe take some stops on the way.

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