A Letter from God

(photo courtesy: google images)

I always imagined what it would be like to receive a letter from God. I wonder if it would look something like this? Maybe these are words He wants us to hear?

Dear My Creation,
Let me start by saying I am proud of all of you. I know who you are and I have seen great things come from many of you, even those who don’t believe in me. I have seen people supporting each other, loving each other, and building each other up. It is exactly as I planned when I made you. I made you all in my image, and I mean ALL. There is not one person in the entire world I did not make without my image installed. When I say the entire world, I mean it, it is not one section of the world or a certain country, all people are mine and I know them. That is why I am writing this letter, so ALL people can hear my words.
Apparently the Bible wasn’t enough for some of you. Apparently, sending my Son to die on the cross to open a door for you and I to communicate wasn’t enough for some of you either. I am here listening to your desires and caring for you even when things aren’t going the way YOU want it. I know what’s best. However, I have given you the ability to seek out your own desires as well. You choose to make decisions daily that go against my heart and you ALL know that. I do not close my door to you when you do such things.
Right now I am seeing many people that know Me and claim to know Me rising up over a major issue. Well, a major issue to you. This is one country out of all of the countries that I am Master of and I am watching the people fight over something that may or may not be that big of a deal to ME. I am the judge. I am the one who makes the decision as to who goes where and when; none of my people have the right to tell me where I should send others who are created in just the same way.
Perhaps, I have an issue with a group of people, perhaps I don’t. What does that matter to you? Perhaps those who are passing judgment should re-read Jonah’s story and listen to my words. My people, instead of trying to play ME, try being like ME. Please, follow my instructions I gave to you through My Son Jesus. I said “Love ME first. Then, love your neighbor as yourself.” Those are the two commandments I stressed. Yes, I do not want people to sin and you shouldn’t either. However, you are sinning by judging, so stop. Let me do my job and you do yours. Your job is to feed the hungry, care for the sick, clothe the naked, love the parentless, help the widows, and show love to each other. I will take care of everyone in the past, present and future…THAT’S MY JOB!
Do not take my words lightly. I love everyone I have made and I expect everyone to do the same, but keep in mind I am a jealous God. Do not choose things over me. When you become self-righteous or think I need protecting then, I hate to break it to you but, that is putting yourself above me. I do not need protecting. My Word is strong enough and My mighty hand will raise if needed. Trust me in this.
I thank you for caring enough about the church and caring about My image. However, I really need you to care about the image you are portraying of Me. When you try to separate people or hinder people from experiencing life in My Name, then you are damaging My image and hindering people from coming to Me. Let me do the convicting. Let me do the separating. You might be surprised who I end up doing that to anyway.
This is not a letter of anger or disdain. It is just a letter letting you know I am watching. I am frustrated, but I am happy. There are things in this world that aren’t right, but don’t worry because it’s your fault…all of you. I sent My Son to fix it for all of you. When I return things will be made completely right. I can’t do that until you start loving each other right. Trust My Word, trust My Son, and trust My love for All of you.  May the good news of who I AM come through the actions of my followers, so that those who don’t believe in Me may come to not doubt Me. They may choose to not follow ME, but that’s on them, as long as your actions lead them to know the real Me. If your actions do not show the real Me, then that’s on you.
With Love and more blessings than you can imagine,

Your Father, Creator, Redeemer- GOD

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