Looking Back

I have had a chance recently to think about where I have been and what I have become. It is interesting how God has done some great work in me and through me to bring me to this place. There is always a point in life that we need to take a breather and remember where we have been. The adventures in life, the broken hearts, the pain of loss, the joy of achievement, and the hope that was found are always good things to go back on. All of these events shape who we are; and have brought us to where we are standing today in one way, shape or form.

I thought about my first girlfriend in middle school and the two day relationship we had, my first crush in elementary school that lasted way too long, my first home run (and I think it was my last), my pitching in an all-star game for one inning, and the list can go on and on about the events that moved me where I am now with a beautiful wife and new son. I think it is a valuable practice to do some reflection in order to remember and be thankful for what we have been through. God wants us to remember and I believe He gives the memories to ultimately reflect how faithful He has been in our life.
Scripture is full of memories. God had the Israelites and others leave markers along the way to remember who He is and what He had done for them. Jacob left stones to remember the holy ground that God had showed him the angels ascending and descending (Gen. 28:10-18), Noah and all of us are reminded of God’s mercy by the rainbow after the flood that wiped out the world (Gen. 9:15), Peter went back to a conversation he had with Jesus about the rooster crowing after Peter denied Him three times (Luke 22:61), and the women were reminded that Jesus shared He would rise again (Luke 24:5-7). There are many other instances of reminding and remembering that occur, but these examples were valuable for the point I am making in this post.
We need to remember. We cannot dwell on the memories, but we need to recall what God has done for us in our life. We need to take time to reflect on the work He did, even when we didn’t know it. He has left markers throughout our life to draw us to Him and bring us into a deeper and closer relationship with Him. It’s a valuable practice to partake in and when you do, be prepared to say “Aha! That’s what you were doing God!” because He has been there the whole time moving, sometimes we were too distracted to see it. Look over your shoulder and remember where you’ve been, God has been and still is with you on this journey.

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