Well, I have found out that I am going to be a dad! This is awesome news and I am pumped! Since the two of you that actually read this probably know, this is not new news. However, this is something we have been waiting for a long time. Natasha is a great woman that has a compassionate heart and this child will be receiving a wonderful mother.

I am wondering about myself in the mix. I recognize that this is a great responsibility that God has placed in my hands. I need to be a leader for the family and be sure to lead with integrity and love. I am looking forward to this journey, but I want to make sure I am prepared. I have been reading books and what to expect and I’m not going to lie, it freaks me out just a bit. Not in a way that makes me want to run away, but freaked out in a way that makes me want to run toward it.

If this doesn’t make sense, hopefully this will make it clear. It’s like watching a roller coaster going 80 mph with crazy loops, cork screws, and wicked drops. This roller coaster freaks you out, but for some reason you keep walking towards it, get in line with your heart racing, palms sweating, and you can’t stop talking about how awesome this event is going to be. The only thing is this roller coaster lasts for easily 50-70 years (depending on how long God wants me here or if He returns before then).

Then you get on the ride and it is freakin’ awesome! You even take the time in the craziness to take that picture with a crazy face so you can remember what happened. Now, whether we know it or not responsibility is a part of every ride. We need to be sure to read all the instructions for riding the ride, which is our first step in being responsible. Second we don’t cut in line. We need to not rush the experience or try to steal it from anyone else, so we wait our turn, second step of responsibility.

Third, we find our section to sit in and get on the ride. Now, this is a very important part of the responsibility of riding. When you enter the ride you need to make sure you have all your belongings securely fastened, anything that can get lost or damaged you set to the side (another topic for next week), then you are responsible for securely fastening your seat belt and harness, if not, well, this could be a rough ride that you might not make it through. Don’t worry though someone will be there to make sure everything is secure (your parents, maybe friends), and then you are off.

The ride will be intense, twists and turns you aren’t ready for (unless you have been on before then you might be able to see some coming up ahead), and if you are lucky you didn’t hit your head too much on the harness and tried your best to follow the instructions and boom, the ride ends. Then, maybe you jump back in line for another go ’round (wink, wink).

I am hoping for a safe ride, a comfortable fit in the seat, and I am ready for take off. I trust God knows what He is doing allowing me to be the father of this child. I am praying now that I will be the best example I can be in my humanity for this child so that he/she may know their true Father in heaven. Thanks for the responsibility!

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