Jesus is a what?

This past weekend was very interesting. I was able to join a friend on a trip to the Carolina Rebellion, a concert that most Christians would probably stay away from. I actually enjoyed it. I mean, I don’t really grab onto the whole secular vs. sacred deal, but I do feel that there is music that destroys and music that uplifts. There was a good mix at this place. This post isn’t about the concert, but if you have questions feel free to ask. This is about a shirt I saw that made me ask a question. This guy walked by me and, as I do wherever I am, I look at people. I wonder stories and what’s happening in their life that is making them either smile, frown, yell, laugh, etc. Well, this guy’s shirt said something derogatory towards Jesus. Now, on the inside I was fuming. I wanted to go to that guy and say “Hey buddy take that off!” That would just cause more damage, mainly to my face, than I was willing to risk. After a minute or so of thinking that thought I had a new question come into my mind: “What Jesus does this guy know?” I mean, has he had any experience with the real Jesus? If so, then how can he wear such a shirt? If not, which is most likely the case, who has ruined his image of the Christ I know? That is the person that needs to be confronted in my opinion. This guy has probably experienced a judgmental Christian or angry Christian or a Christian that spewed hate and not love on his life choices. Maybe we need to quit jumping on and beating down those who don’t embrace Christ or put down our God and look to those who have influenced their negative view of Christ. We need to realize that our aroma is to be pleasing to God, but we must also be revealing a pleasing aroma to the world. We must be the salt and light, but we must be aware of the damage we cause when we make our Jesus out to be a jerk by acting like jerks ourselves. This is something I am working out. So Thursday will be interesting.

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