Just Dance

So dancing is on my mind for some reason and I like it! I think I have always enjoyed dancing, even as a little kid I loved to be on the dance floor. It was something about the rhythm of the song and getting my body to move with it, at least I think it did. Either way it was fun! Sometimes I would think I was in rhythm, but I would find out from someone soon I was completely off beat and was really ruining the dance floor. I remember when I was 7 or 8 I was dancing in a dancing section of an entertainment Place (I would name it but I can’t remember how to spell it) and I thought I was awesome. However, there was a point when I went for the jump split move (disclaimer: this is not the technical or professional term for this dance move). I saw on a movie that looked awesome. I was waiting for the perfect time and it came, so I went for it. I jumped, I split but the only difference between me and the guy on the movie is he got back up! I was stuck. I wasn’t ready for that level of dance difficulty. Then of course there was another guy, way older than I was, who came out and showed me up…he accomplished the jump and split and got back up. There are times where we think we can accomplish great things, well, because we are great. However, we may be great, but there are still limitations if we rest in our own abilities. We may even rush into things thinking we have enough experience to do so. I mean, c’mon, I was dancing for a solid 5 years amateurly in my living room, weddings, bathtubs, and along with music videos, I totally was qualified to do the jump and split. (insert sarcasm) In Scripture we find an encounter with Jesus and His disciples where they thought they were way more qualified than they really were. In Luke 9:37-43 we find Jesus encountering a boy who is demon possessed. The boy’s father brings him and asks Jesus to heal him because Jesus’ disciples tried, but could not do it. Jesus then says “O, unbelieving and perverse generation…how long shall I stay with you and put up with you?” These words are harsh, but Jesus knew the reason why they could not drive out the demon is because they did not have enough faith to do so. I am sure the disciples tried to do the deed in the name of Jesus, but they were not seasoned enough in their faith or their understanding of the power and authority given to them to do the work of Christ. We have the ability to do great things in Christ, but we need experience with Him. In order for me to do awesome things on the dance floor I think I needed a good instructor and the same in our faith walk. In order to accomplish great things in this world we need to depend on our great teacher in Christ Jesus. Our dance moves will be much better in this world as long as we dance closer with Christ. We need to learn from the master. My cousin ended up showing me how to accomplish the jump and split when I was a couple years older…and he apologized for showing me up when I was so inexperienced.

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