Taking a picture is pretty simple. All you have to do is point the camera, maybe get the object to pose (if it’s human…however I have seen people try to get their pets to pose, but that’s for a whole other post), possibly get the right lighting, and click the button. In the past, cameras had to be adjusted for focus to get the image to look right, but now we have auto focus, which takes it completely out of our control!

Auto focus is a great tool because it gets the image that is in the screen to be focused with no work by the photographer. The image comes out clear and you can post it directly to your facebook, twitter, or any other site you may want it to be posted on for anyone to Google later.

However, there are times we decide to take the auto focus off and trust our own ability to handle the task. Most of the time it doesn’t work and you can have a picture that ends up blurry and you may have to retake it. The issue is, there was something about the image before that made you want to capture it and now you hope to relive it or reset it, if possible, which more often than not is not.

This is the same thing with life. If we try to control our focus our image can end up blurry. If we miss the picture that is meant to be taken because we are rushed or unaware that the auto focus isn’t on at the right time we miss the perfect picture and hope to relive it again.

I hope this is making sense. We may have the perfect picture right in front of us, whether it be a spouse we are neglecting, a child that we are so busy to acknowledge they grow up right in front of us and we miss their major moments, a ministry opportunity, a job opportunity, a message from God, an angel, and the list can go on and on.

If our mind, heart, and soul are not focused on the right thing the image will end up blurry. Our life will go by and we will forget what we lived. Our priorities help set that focus. If Christ is the center of your life then the auto focus should be set for good because you aim to please Him and go for whatever He wants.

Let’s be honest and say that this is not always the case. Our focus needs to be adjusted so the picture is perfect. The focus needs to be adjusted to see the world from Christ’s lens in order to capture the moment for what it’s worth and not have to come back and try to get it in it’s original state because that won’t happen.

If you are struggling, hurting, missing something it might be time to let go of your personal focus control and allow Christ to provide you with His auto focus. He may help you see and capture a beautiful picture.

1 Comments on “Focus”

  1. I love this! I have never heard the scenario of the camera lens correlated to how our focus should be from Christ's Perspective. I think its great! If this hasn't been already, it would be a great sermon!!


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