Same Picture…Different Poses

So, I have been listening to the Carter IV by Lil’ Wayne (stop judging, I listen to it edited). Anyway, it is a pretty strong album, but in one of his songs “Nightmares of the Bottom” he makes a profound statement “We in the same picture, but we all got different poses…” His lyrics are pretty intense following this line because he recognizes that he has a role to play, but there are people who are trying to shut his role down. Granted, I am not going to say that Lil’ Wayne is a philosopher, but at times I can see his words as poetry (I mean c’mon “a milli a milli a mil a mil a milli…” poetry..jk)

On a serious note, Lil’ Wayne is right. We are all in the same picture. God’s big picture is our stage, but we are all playing different roles. Our pose is important because that is what makes the picture look so great.

Have you ever seen a picture with everyone smiling, but there is that one person just staring blankly with no emotion? I have and I completely lose focus on the people smiling and my attention shoots straight at the one with no emotion. That particular pose ruins the picture. Our pose brings value to the scene. God has given each of us a pose to stand in (or be active in) and it makes up his big picture that ultimately brings Him glory. As we walk through life we need to be sure that our pose in the picture is bringing attention to the big picture in a good way and not a bad way.

If you are a follower of Christ, then check your pose. Are you posing in such a way that the attention drawn to the picture is due to the fact that your joy is overflowing due to the work of the Spirit in you? Would people look at the big picture and see your face glowing or frowning? Are you excited to be taking a picture or are you moping along wishing the person controlling the camera (GOD) would hurry up and push the button already? It is time to check your pose.

If you are not a follower of Christ, and you continued to read this anyway, awesome! However, please know that you are a part of a big picture. Your pose is important to the work of God and His Son Jesus. Focus on the camera lens, say cheese, because that flash called life is moving quick and my prayer and hope is that your pose is glorifying to God, the controller of the camera.

P.S. Don’t force a smile. That ruins the picture too.

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