Go Hard or Go HOME!!!

I guess that is how I am feeling right about now. I guess I feel that if I don’t go hard then will I really go home? I mean God calls us to a faith that is hard. A faith that is rough and you definitely get some bumps and bruises on the way, but how will you handle the bruises? I don’t want to run from my calling. I know my purpose, I know who I am in Christ, so why should I stop because of some pain?

In the movie “THE PROGRAM” there is a top prospect freshman who comes in. He is talented and is definitely made for the game. He has speed, he can read the field, people cheer for him. It is great, but in a practice before the season started he gets hit and fumbles the ball. He gets banged up a bit by his own teammate. 

His coach, played by James Caan, comes up to him and says ” Hey, are you injured or are you hurt?” The player says “What’s the difference?” The coach replies ” If you are injured then you can’t get up, but if you are hurt then you can get up and play again? SO what are you? Injured or hurt?”

I think God has been asking me that question. Am I injured or hurt? If I am injured then I need to stop, but if I am just hurt, then go harder!! 

I need to push through the crap and do what I am called to do. I am called to be a leader. I am called to be a follower. I am called to love and I am called to battle for the kingdom of God so God can be glorified here on earth. This is where the rubber meets the road, as the saying goes. How fast will I go?

Will I be timid or will I ride and run faster than ever before so the Kingdom is magnified through the works of Christ through me? I am not injured!! I am just bruised, and a scratch here and there, but not injured!!

It is time to do ministry harder and stronger than ever before. God I praise you for the fire!! I thank you for the friends and family who support Natasha and I. I love all of you!

This may sound lame to some of you reading, but I feel renewed! I feel like I am not empty for the first time in a long time! I was hurt, I still may be a little, but I am going Hard so when I do Go home I will hear Well done my good and faithful servant!

What will you do?

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